Welcome to Andy's Last Band, Rev. G.    This travelling "Rock-Therapy" troupe has certainly
gone through some changes over the last decade.   BUT, the passion is still there, AND, it's
STILL all about the fun!  Their reputation for rocking out the classics has kept them atop the
list of Northeast Ohio's party bands.  Always drawing big crowds at area festivals, wineries,
and clubs.
Andy's still the guy keeping this musical circus
together. This veteran rocker simply won't give
up taking his guitar out in public and making
those dreadful noises.  BUT, as long as he
keeps bringing the Platinum MasterCard, his
bandmates will refrain from mutiny!
Behind the drums is the newest member,
Butch "Dark Cloud" Capaldi.  Handling the bulk
of the male vocals AND stage management,
he's also the most overworked and underpaid
member of the band.  I'm pretty sure he's
just doing this for the entertainment value.
Bob Penko's back on bass guitar. Arguably, one
of the area's best. Go ahead ask him, he'll be
happy to argue with you! This is actually Bob's
hobby band.  You can also catch him playing on
the big stage at a "Stone Pony" concert.  But as
long as Andy keeps paying him the big bucks,
he'll hang around here too!
Ahh yes...."The Jenn".   Billed as the region's
most incorrigible diva, this girl doesn't know
the meaning of the word "
calm"!   NOT just a
singer in a rock band, she's a performing
artist.  Fueled by passion and Michelob Ultra,
"The Jenn" puts her happy little stamp into
every song she sings. Now if she can only be a
little nicer to Andy!